How to Lose 5 Kg’s in 1 Month

by | Nov 16, 2019

Setting a goal of losing 5 kg’s in a month is itself a great challenge. But as Audrey Hepburn has said “Nothing is Impossible”, so if you stick to your diet plans and regular exercises then you will notice significant differences in your weight, health and your looks. By making appropriate changes to your diet, exercise plan and lifestyle, you may be able to come close to lose a full 5 kg in a month.

       1 Follow A Strict Diet Chart

  • In order to lose 5kg’s in a month, you’ll need to cut down on the total amount of calories you eat each day. If you can cut down between 500-700 calories each day then you can lose up to 1k.g per week. If combined with exercises you may be able to lose 1.3kg per week, however this will also depend on your metabolism.
  • Include protein in your each meal, especially if you’re looking to lose weight quickly. Protein is an important nutrition in any diet and it also supports your metabolism. Consuming protein throughout the day can spread its satisfying effect over the entire day. Foods which are enrich in protein are: lean beef or pork, seafood, legumes, tofu, low-fat dairy, eggs, beans, lentils, seeds (like hemp and chia), and nuts. 
  • Eating fruits and vegetables regularly is also very beneficial when you’re trying to lose weight. Both fruits and vegetables are very low in calories, but high in fiber and other vital nutrients. 
  • Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day as water is great for our health and may also help support your weight loss.

2  Exercise Regularly & Lifestyle Change 

  • The best way for weight loss is balancing your diet and exercising regularly. For physical activity, cardio is the number one calorie burner. Aim for 20minutes of cardio regularly for better results. Cardio includes Burpees, Jump Rope, Jumping Jacks, Squat Jumps, Kickboxing, Dancing, Running the Stairs and Jogging.
  • Try taking more steps during the day as moving throughout the day can also add to your total calories burned in that day. Instead of taking elevators and lifts, try taking the stairs as footsteps burns more calories.
  • Get proper sleep even in short 1 month period. Getting enough sleep each night may have an intense effect on your weight loss. Some studies have shown that deficient sleep makes difficult for your body in losing weight. Experts advise that adults should at least take seven to nine hours of sleep regularly.  Moreover, if you’re feeling tired you may be less motivated and inactive to stay on track with your exercise and healthy eating plan.

Keep yourself positive and motivated in your weight loss journey. Within your 30-day period, adversely check on your food intake, exercise and overall progress. You can also paste motivational quotes and perfect body shape images on your fridge or by your bedside for inspiration.

We wish you best of luck in your 1 month weight loss journey. Do share your experience with us in the comment section.

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