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Fake bodybuilding supplements products in India are on the rise these days. It’s a major concern for all of us because it’s not only money wasted, but it also puts our health at risk. Fake supplements may contain banned substances, such as steroids, which may cause permanent damage to your body. It is estimated that more than 60% of supplements sold in India are fake. As 70% supplements are imported from developed countries and heavy custom duty on these products, so retail price would be almost double in India.

Nowadays, there are many whole sellers and distributors sell fake supplements to supplement stores and websites. Sometimes online websites promote and advertise supplements at lower price than other companies deal in same business. Although these websites do not sure and able to find the difference between fake and original supplements but their motive is just to earn more profits and to attract more customers on their website.And this is how unaware customers get trapped in their strategy:

  1. Fake supplements makers have their own warehouse where they lead the chain of selling fake supplements.
  2. From their warehouse they supply duplicate supplements to online websites at low cost than other sites to attract the customers.
  3. When Customer gets attract to low price and place order and then they become victim of their policy.
  4. Hence the business of fake supplements makes its place in the market.

WHY 100percentoriginal.com

At 100percentoriginal.com we only work to provide 100% original products to our customers. We assure our customers to maintain transparency on quality, sourcing and distribution of supplements.

100percentoriginal.com is safe because we directly purchase from manufacturers of supplements. No middlemen. It is very transparent system; as directly stock comes from manufacturer companies to our warehouse. So no chances of fake supplements.

Some of the brands purchase from authentic importers of supplements. From website customers get 100% original and authentic supplements. This is how our chain work on original fitness supplements.

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